The different of traditional cigs and e cigs

Maybe now we see a lot people change their traditional cigarettes with e cigarettes. Some people say that e cigs have many advantages than traditional cigarettes. If we see the traditional cigarette like cigar produces a lot of ash and it requires ashtray and it’s very inconvenient if we use it outdoors. For e cigs, it’s not necessary because they don’t produce the ash and it doesn’t make dirty.

In traditional cigarette, we need a lighter to burning cigarette but you don’t need it in e cigs. E cigs has its own burner therein. You also have to back and forth to market to buy traditional cigs because usually a pack if traditional cigarettes only contain less 20 cigarettes. In e cigs you only need to recharge the liquid and it’s only necessary if the liquid was empty. The liquid on electronic cigarette usually last a long time depending on usage.